What Happens if I don’t renew my Hosting?

Websites are hosted on the web by hosting companies. Consider your website like a house. That house is sitting on a rented land and you pay rent each year for it. It’s the same with a website. A website sits on a rented space in the cloud, the rented space is managed by a hosting company and they work to ensure the smooth running of your website.

For your website to function efficiently, you have to pay for hosting services. This payment is renewed (like house rent) once every year. This payment ensures that your website functions optimally and it’s online 24/7 to visitors.

Below are some of the things that happens when you fail to renew hosting for your website.

  1. Your SEO rank on search engines drop

Once your web hosting expires, your website becomes unavailable to search engines and visitors. This automatically results to low search engine rankings. This means that when people search for your website or business on google and other search engines, they may not find it on first page search results. This is harmful to the overall health and well being of your website.

2. Your website gets suspended

Allowing your website hosting to expire could find you in a tight corner. Hosting companies have no option than to suspend your website temporarily, giving you a grace period of 7 days to make payment. During this period, your website displays some kind of error message or a message that asks the site owner to contact the hosting company ASAP. The bad thing about this is that website visitors get to see this. And this is not good for your brand reputation.

3. Website not available to visitors.

This is based on the previous point. When your hosting expires, your website visitors will not be able to view your website content as they will be greeted by an error message.

4. Website content may be lost if you do not have a backup

Your website content as well as database is at risk if you allow your web hosting to expire. This is possible when there is no backup and the hosting payment is not made. Although, some hosts keep backups of client’s websites, others don’t. It is best that you avoid this costly situation by paying for your hosting service.

5. You may loose your domain name.

You are also at the risk of loosing your domain name, especially if your domain name and hosting service is provided by the same company.

To avoid loosing your efforts put in to design and create your website, all the content and database that your website has generated over time, it is best practice to pay for your hosting fee promptly.

Finally, there are penalties involved. Your hosting company might charge your extra fees for delayed payments, if you eventually pay. But you can avoid all extra charges by renewing your hosting today.

You’ll want to contact Blueinc Technology Services directly to find out about your website hosting and also to do the needful.