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Reviewed commission payment for 2020

At Blueinc Technologies, we value the effort of our partners, agents, and business referrals towards helping to stimulate the growth of our business. However due to prevailing business conditions, management hereby announces the review of our commission payments from a percentage based system to a fixed pricing system.

Find below our new revised commission/rates:

S/N Development Fee Commission Rate:
1. < 100k NGN (200 USD) 5,000 NGN 20 USD
2. ≥ 100k NGN (200 USD) 10,000 NGN 30USD
3. ≥ 250k NGN (400 USD) 15,000 NGN 50 USD
4. ≥ 500k NGN (1000 USD) 50,000 NGN 100USD
5. 1M NGN (2500 USD) 100,000 NGN 250USD
6. Custom Fees Custom ( As agreed after negotiation

We appreciate your continuous patronage and business.
Happy new year!

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